Our Team

Besides our main team members, we receive help and guidance from several other people. We want to especially thank Many for providing help and insights related to blockchain development.


To unite and empower people passionate about self-actualization and transcendence

To help people grow together, inspire each other, share resources and form real world alliances

To contribute to a better world together


One Tile, One Community, One Expanse

Together One

Community platform

We aim to facilitate a safe space to share and discuss anything related to one’s own personal development as well as the current state of the world in order to unite and empower people that want to work towards a more positive outlook on our future.

The team wants to highlight that this NFT release should be seen as an investment in personal growth and a better world. This is not a financial investment and the team does not prioritize increasing the monetary value of the NFTs. Furthermore, the team does not see this project as their main source of income and pledges to continue to put work into this project, despite the potential of not receiving any reimbursement for it.

Find out more about the project by having a look at our slide deck: Or navigate our website using the options below

Our  Mission

Community content

In addition, we want to provide material to the Community in the form of blog posts, online classes and “Ask Me Anything” conversations featuring influencers and pathfinders in the space of personal development, well-being and sustainability. The content will be chosen to reflect a balance between spiritual teachings and academic research. Input from Community members is highly welcomed by giving members the opportunity to ask questions to guest speakers and send in content requests.

Become a member of the OneTile Community

You can become part of the OneTile Community and gain access to the “Community only” content by having at least 1 OneTile NFT in your wallet. The NFTs are inspired by the Dutch tegeltjeswijsheden, literally translated into “tile wisdoms.” These are decorative tiles with an inspiring quote on them.

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